BB Investment Holdings, is an international company investing, operating and growing companies in the USA. Our approach is unconventional, like our past experience of creating value on non-traditional ways.
While focusing on creating higher margins, we invest in our society. Through our Permanent Supportive Housing Foundations we are part of creating sustainable housing available to everyone in our society. We believe that our World have room for improvements, and one of our goals is to be part of the evolution process. That helps us to learn a lot, which we carry and apply to the business side.
What make us successful is our collaboration with founders and partners. We roll up our sleeves, design product blueprints, come up with new features, negotiate partnerships, attracted new users, recruit core teams, raise the next round of money, and enjoy the harvest. We invest small amounts of money and large amounts of time, attention, care, and empathy. We are thankful for the success, and we understand how much relentless hard work is attributed to each venture.